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Messerschmitt German Pilot Watches

Aristo watch of Pforzheim, Germany has licensed the name Messerschmitt, a well known series of classic aeroplanes, for a new line of high quality pilot watches. Each model has a logo on the dial that resembles one of the famous Messerschmitt's. Included, is the world's first Jet aeroplane, the ME 262. The ME 262 saw action very late in WWII as a fighter/bomber and after the war it was captured by the allies and integrated into their own air force designs. Aristo was founded in 1907 and was recently re-established by Hansjörg Vollmer, member of the German watch case and bracelet manufacturer family Vollmer. These new Messerschmitt watches therefore use top grade cases with high quality, Swiss Made Ronda quartz movements. These watches are made to the same exacting standards as the Aristo mechanical watches, but offer you the convenience of set-and-forget Swiss quartz movements. Each model is designed to recall the popular timepieces of the period when the Messerschmitt planes flew in the skies. The watches all feature updated materials, greatly improved luminous dials, and modern day case sizes. They are fitted with a quality leather strap while some are available with a mesh bracelet.
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