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Long Island Watch embarked on a transformative journey with MAKDigital to revamp its outdated online presence, characterized by cluttered design and frustrating navigation. Recognizing the need for a streamlined and modernized appearance, MAKDigital undertook the challenge of creating a new website from scratch. The goal was to not only enhance aesthetics but also optimize functionality, providing a more user-friendly and visually appealing platform.

BigCommerce Development Services

Data Migration:

The imperative to migrate from the obsolete platform stemmed from the limitations it imposed on Long Island Watch. The migration to BigCommerce facilitated a seamless transition, empowering the brand with enhanced customization capabilities and a user-friendly interface. This shift was pivotal in unlocking Long Island Watch's potential for future growth.

Custom Features & Functionality:

The introduction of custom features was a strategic move to address specific needs and challenges faced by Long Island Watch. MAKDigital tailored functionalities to align with the brand's unique requirements, resulting in a website that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations.


Strategic integrations were instrumental in ensuring a cohesive and efficient online platform. The incorporation of various third-party solutions and tools aimed to enhance the overall user experience, contributing to Long Island Watch's positive online presence.

BigCommerce Design Services

Art Direction/Website Redesign:

The decision to overhaul the website's design was fueled by the necessity to align it with the brand's identity. MAKDigital's art direction and redesign efforts were directed towards creating a visually appealing and modern homepage. This shift laid the foundation for a credible and trustworthy online environment.

UX/UI Optimizations:

The focus on user experience and user interface optimizations was pivotal in ensuring that the redesigned website not only looked good but also functioned seamlessly. These improvements spanned across category pages, product pages, and informational sections, enhancing the overall usability and aesthetics.

BigCommerce SEO Services

Keyword Research:

Comprehensive keyword research became imperative to enhance Long Island Watch's online visibility. By strategically selecting and implementing relevant keywords, the SEO service contributed to improved search engine rankings, ensuring that the brand's offerings reached a broader audience.

Content Optimization:

Content optimization efforts were geared towards creating a compelling narrative around Long Island Watch's brand and products. Through strategic content structuring and alignment with industry best practices, the SEO service played a crucial role in driving organic search success.


MAKDigital's collaboration with Long Island Watch resulted in a visually appealing, user-friendly website that not only met but exceeded brand expectations. The comprehensive approach, spanning development, design, and SEO services, transformed the online presence of Long Island Watch. The success of this migration and redesign initiative is marked by improved credibility, streamlined processes, and enhanced mobile usability, firmly establishing Long Island Watch as a prominent player in the online watch retail landscape.

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