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Laco Legendary German Pilot Watches

The company LACO (Lacher & Co.) was founded in 1925 by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in Pforzheim, Germany. Laco's main business was encasing Swiss movements into watch cases of their own production. After Mr. Hummel has left the company, Erich Lacher took over in 1936. The "Erich Lacher watch company" was manufacturing the legendary Pilot watches of the 1940's under their brand "LACO". Both models were DIN certified and famous due to their precision and reliability. Original Pilot watches have been manufactured using two different dial designs (Baumuster A und Baumuster B). For a more comprehensive history of Laco please click on this PDF: Laco History. Suggested Monochrome Magazine Article to read: The History of the Pilot Watch Part Five: B-Uhr.
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