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Bertucci Field Watches: Best Titanium Performance Watch

Bertucci is the industry leader in titanium field watches, offering a wide array of case designs, finishes and styles. Bertucci watches offer outstanding quality with high durability and value. The company focuses its innovative technology and distinctive styling solely on field watches meant for active use in the great outdoors. Bertucci uses the alloy titanium in most all of their watch cases, case backs, and crowns, because it has the best strength to weight ratio of any material. Titanium equals the strength of stainless steel with only half the weight. It also has unequalled corrosion resistance and it is hypoallergenic (won't cause skin irritation or allergies). Bertucci equipes their watches with highly durable watch bands. Most are unique long lasting, one-piece construction with all-metal hardware designed specifically for Bertucci watches.
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