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DAMASKO watches are made in Germany using up to 90% one-of-a kind, in-house components. Damasko began making wristwatches under their own name in 1994 with the goal of creating mechanical wristwatches that are more robust, more accurate and require less maintenance. As a result, Damasko has made many innovative developments: Cases made of ice hardened nickel-free stainless steel, ultra-hard coatings for a patented, free oscillating balance wheel coupled with a polycrystalline silicon spring. The high-precision manufacture calibers A35-1, A35-2 and H35-1 are just a few of the large innovations of Damasko, protected by numerous patents, utility models and registered designs. The company has become one of the leading watchmakers in the fields of research and implementation of new materials, processes and individual solutions in the watch industry. Aviator and diver watches make up the majority of the Damasko offerings with some dress models also in the mix.
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