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ORIENT WATCHES - Superb quality, Amazingly affordable

If you did a survey of watch enthusiasts as to who builds the best affordable mechanical watches, Orient Watches USA would be on the top of the list. Unlike many affordable brands, Orient Watch designs and makes their own automatic (self-winding) movements. They have done so for over a half of a century. Never stopping, even during the 1970's quartz movement boom when most companies abandoned automatic development. Orient has skill, manufacturing know how, and experienced workforce to make extremely reliable automatic timepieces that anyone can afford. Rarely does anyone have a problem with an Orient watch.

Today, Seiko owns a controlling interest (52%)in Orient. Orient continues to manufacture and design their own mechanical movements. Orient has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Singapore, and Brazil. They offer a wide range of watch designs and styles, including quartz, mechanical, and even light powered.
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