Squale Professional Dive Watches

The history of Squale dates to 1959 when Von Büren SA registered the Squale trademark and obtained the first patent for the manufacturing of a diving watch case. During the 60s and 70s Squale was instrumental in the progress of developing reliable dive watches that could be trusted by professional divers. Over the decades Squale has demonstrated that their timepieces are true tool watches by continuing to produce reliable field-tested watches. Today Squale is one of the most trusted and loved brands among enthusiasts. In fact, the durable Squale OCTOPUS is currently part of the official equipment of the CNES divers in La Spezia (Italy). The collection of Swiss made Squale watches below offer the spirit of the classic vintage models, and feature modern materials such as AR sapphire crystals, reliable automatic movements, and high-end finishing.
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