Formex Essence Clasp with Fine Adjustment #FB-23-110-NM


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Product Code: FB-23-110-NM
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Formex Essence Clasp with Fine Adjustment #FB-23-110-NM

Designed and engineered by Formex, this high-tech folding clasp is made of injected micro fiber carbon composite, an ultra light but durable material that feels smooth on the skin. You can fine-adjust the length of the strap by 7mm, gradually on 6 micro steps, without having to take off your watch. This patented feature notably provides more comfort and allows the perfect fit in all conditions.

The folding clasp features a stainless steel buckle and fits all Formex Essence leather and rubber straps (20mm width on the buckle). It can be inter-changed without the use of any tools and in a matter of a few seconds.

Note: This clasp can be used with any strap that has a 20mm BUCKLE (i.e. 20mm at the buckle end of the strap - not at the lug). There are no markings on this clasp.
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7 Reviews

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    Posted by Bradley C on Aug 26th 2021

    Very well-engineered deployant clasp. Lightweight and an excellent addition to my watch collection.

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    Formex fb 23 110 nm

    Posted by Lnd on Jul 20th 2021

    Adjust easily, I bought 3 of these. I wish they make it also at 18mm.

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    Almost Really Good

    Posted by Tom on Mar 10th 2021

    Two things need to be improved, from my perspective. If the strap is snug, the bottom of the clasp can dig into your skin which, for me, is uncomfortable. Second, if only the micro-adjust, once fully extended could be pushed back in without having to push the release button. Overall, a good idea. It looks a little clunky/Frankensteinish at the buckle. Fortunately, that aspect is rarely seen. I don't know if I'd buy this again.

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    Find the right Deployment Clasp for YOUR watch

    Posted by JOHN F on Jan 17th 2021

    I have several fine watches; some with Deployment Clasps. I never liked the rubber watch band that came with my Tag H F1. When I bought a Jaeger Le-Coultre I was given 2 bands with fine D clasps, one larger than the other. I put one on my F1. It looked great but too elegant for that style of watch. It had to go Then I discovered the FE Clasp and because of its design (and the "Fine Adjustment" feature) I knew this was a winner. I coupled the Clasp to a Barton Racing strap and it was an excellent marriage. the FE is the anthesis of the LeCoultre product. To my eye it, in a good way, looks like an early prototype that goes so well with the highly perforated strap. So cool I can hardly take it off my wrist. One caveat; the FEC is not compatible with severely tapered straps. My Barton is slightly tapered looks fine; and I have a small wrist. Some might think the SEC looks a bit funky but I think in some applications it looks great. So glad I found in on Youtube.

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    Great Customer Service - Product Needs Refinement

    Posted by Nick S. on Jan 5th 2021

    The first shipment arrived damaged. I contacted LIW. They were super quick to respond and sent out a replacement immediately. Good stuff! As for the clasp... it's more impressive in theory than in practice. It's very well made but feels like a product that could be greatly improved after a few iterations. The clasp sits awkwardly on the wrist due to its length. If you're swapping out a conventional buckle, the odds are the new clasp will not sit centered on your wrist opposite the watch head. More importantly, the micro-adjust feature is very fiddly to operate. The button is tiny and feels like it's on the wrong side of the clasp for easy adjustment. I routinely find myself struggling with it. Overall, a noble effort that's very well made. I'm clearly paying the price for being an early adopter.

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    Outstanding Clasp

    Posted by sm on Dec 5th 2020

    I've had clasps of all different brands from budget to luxury, deployant to tang, from inexpensive to outrageous. None have performed at the level of this Formex unbranded clasp. Incredibly light, smooth, effective, all while very understated.

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    Perfect Accessory

    Posted by Pierce on Nov 16th 2020

    For those of us watch nerds who have everything, this is something you'll want to add. I've move this (unbranded) clasp between different watch straps regularly. It is SO easy to adjust, and so clean on the wrist. The biggest benefit is the weight, or more like lack there of. It feels INSANELY light, you forget its there; but then the usefulness of the expanding clasp comes into play. I just wish they also had this in 22mm.