Islander Single Watch Winder in Polished Black Finish #WNDR-01

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Islander Single Watch Winder in Polished Black Finish #WNDR-01

How do you keep your automatic watches wound when you aren't wearing them? Here's your answer - a watch winder! This is an Island Watch branded watch winder that will keep your automatic watch ready to go at all times. Whether you leave your watch in it for a day, or a week, it will always be fully topped off.

If you are concerned about the noise, the winder noise level is below 5dB, which makes it as quiet as the expensive winders on the market. The inside is sized to house most mens size watches without an issue.

The external dimensions of the winder are 125mm x 125mm x 145mm. It can be powered by two "AA" size batteries, or it comes with a power adapter than can plugged into a standard AC outlet (110V). 

The winder is not programmable. It will turn 6 to 8 times per minute, and the program is as follows:

Forward for 2 minutes, stop for 6 minutes, reverse for 2 minutes, stop for 6 minutes, then repeats. This corresponds to about 1200 turns per day (TPD) in each direction, so if you have a uni-directional winding watch, such as some Miyotas, this will keep it wound as well.

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Product Features
  • Color:Polished Black
  • Material:Painted Wood
Color: Polished Black
Material: Painted Wood

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