Marathon Black PVD Solid Link Watch Bracelet #WW005005BK-MA (20mm)

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Marathon Black PVD Solid Link Watch Bracelet #WW005005BK-MA (20mm)

This Marathon stainless steel bracelet is made for the Marathon WW194006BK and the WW194006BK-NGM watches. Marathon’s Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) black plating is used for the new Black Anthracite Bracelet. It is manufactured at a high specification of thickness, 1.00 to 1.20 micron, while many other watch brands are 0.50 to 0.70 micron, or even lower.

Marathon utilizes this process to produce the hardened anthracite coating over our 316L Stainless Steel materials by employing a partially ionized metal vapor to react with specific gases. This produces a protective PVD barrier on our anthracite collection that enables improved strength, wear and corrosion resistance, and superior chemical stability. The process is also referred to as Ion Plating - IP. All PVD processes are achieved under high vacuum conditions with temperatures typically between 250°C and 450°C.

Marathon starts by finely sandblasting each component separately. Each part is then meticulously inspected and prepared for hand assembly.

Each Anthracite bracelet features 14 full links and 4 half links (for micro-adjustments), with double-screw connections between each link for secure and comfortable fitting. The hidden deployant, dual-button release, butterfly clasp is also PVD plated to seamlessly integrate with the bracelet.

At Marathon, we go the extra length to provide the user nothing but the best, by that, we also finish construction with an additional anti-fingerprint technology. This enhances resistance to sweat (lactic acid) and general salt fog corrosion, to withstand the expected environments that these devices will be used in. Out of the box, this bracelet fits up to a 23 cm (9”) wrist diameter and can be easily shortened as needed.

After three years of development, Marathon's pursuit for perfection has culminated in this bracelet - A testament to their long history of manufacturing military grade horological instruments.

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Product Features
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Stainless Steel Solid Links
  • Finish:Brushed
  • Ends:Curved
  • Closure:Deployant Clasp

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