Marathon 20mm Leather One-Piece Strap #WW005009

Brand: Marathon

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Marathon 20mm Leather One-Piece Strap #WW005009

Inspired by the watch straps issued by the UK ministry of Defense: Defense standard 66-47, the Marathon NATO style leather straps are made from soft and supple black, and dark tan premium genuine leather. They are finished on both sides with matching waxed stitching. This strap features a 316L stainless steel signed buckle.

Recommended for use with the Marathon model: WW194006, WW194007, WW194013, WW194006NGM, WW194007NGM, WW194013SG, WW194001, 194006BK-NGM, WW194006BK, WW194013SG-UMSC, WW194013DT, WW194013-NGM, WW194006USMC, WW19413BK-USMC
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Product Features
  • Color:Black or Dark Tan
  • Material:Premium Leather
  • Finish:As Shown
  • Style:One-Piece
  • Closure:Buckle

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