Professional Style Spring Bar Tool for changing watch bands #TUM1004

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Professional Style Spring Bar Tool for changing watch bands #TUM1004

If you have the desire to change your own watch straps this is the best type of tool for the job. Especially if you like to make frequent changes and own more than a few watch straps or bands. This tool has replaceable ends in case you lose or break one. Simply unscrew the end of the tool and slide in a new tip and re-tighten the nut. On one end is a forked tip for grabbing the spring bar safely and quickly. The other end of the tool has a smaller fork for working on bracelet ends at the lugs. It also comes in handy for grabbing stubborn spring bars that may be hard to get to. You may also reverse this smaller tip in the tool to have a pin remover tip (straight end) for use on watches that have holes in the lugs for pushing out the spring. For a quick strap change simply insert the forked end between the lug end and your watch strap, Push down and pull away from the lug end to release the spring bar or pin. You can then use the tool to compress the spring bar to insert the new strap. Replaceable tips are shown below.
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  • Tool:TUM1004 Spring Bar Tool
  • Color:Silver
  • Use:Watch Strap Changes
  • Material:Stainless Steel
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