STAIB Polished Finish Milanaise Mesh Bracelet #ST-ST-2906-20813SBL (Straight End, 22mm)

Brand: Staib

Product Code: ST-ST-2906-20813SBL
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STAIB Polished Finish Milanaise Mesh Bracelet #ST-ST-2906-20813SBL (Straight End, 22mm)

Staib Milanaise mesh watch bracelet, with a polished stainless steel finish (top, bottom and sides) and straight ends. The bracelet uses a pressed style clasp for easy fitting and length adjustments. The lug width is 22mm. 110mm x 75mm sections. Mesh bracelet is 2.7mm thick. Inner tube is 1.9mm in diameter, outer tube is 2.8mm in diameter.
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Product Features
  • Color:Silver
  • Material:Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Finish:Polished
  • Ends:Straight
  • Length:110mm x 75mm
  • Closure:Pressed Clasp
  • ST-ST-2906-20813SBL
  • Milanaise watch band (pressed)
  • 22mm wide
  • 110 x 75 length
  • 2.7 mm thick
  • 1.9mm diameter inner spring bar tube
  • 2.8mm diameter outer diameter spring bar tube
  • Top, sides and bottom polished
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