Tritium Trigalight
Tritium Watches: Trigalight Illumination Technology

Tritium Watches

Most of today’s luminescent watches are charged by light and will glow for a few hours in total darkness. This is appropriate for most use cases, such as checking the time in the middle of the night. But what if there was a watch that could glow for up to 25 years with zero exposure to light and zero maintenance? This innovation is exactly what trigalight® tubes offer.
Trigalight® tubes are self-illuminating and do not require charging with light or an external power supply (i.e. a battery). These tiny glass tubes are coated with a thin layer of phosphor powder, filled with tritium gas, and then sealed airtight. Once the phosphor powder is exposed to the electrons from the tritium gas, it emits light in different colors. The light is visible in both low light and complete darkness.
Mb-Microtec AG is the only worldwide manufacturer of this unique watch illumination technology. While this eye-catching innovation adds some additional expense, our below selection of quality watches from Marathon and Bertucci offers something for various price points.
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